• Marcus Jordan Is A Former College Basketball Player

  • Posted on June 04, 2015
  • Think of the thing you most enjoy doing—now imagine that your father is the greatest person to ever do that thing. Whether it's golf, painting, telling jokes, or dancing, it would be tough to live up to the shadow he cast over that activity. This is what Marcus Jordan's life in a nutshell—he loves to play basketball, but his father was none other than the world's greatest: Michael Jordan himself. Marcus Jordan had a wonderful basketball career of his own, playing at the University of Central Florida for three years before foregoing his senior year to concentrate on business opportunities.

    Marcus Jordan has diverse interests, but to say he is focused on basketball and fashion would be an understatement. He is a former college basketball player and son of the greatest basketball player ever, so that is not going away. However, he is also incredibly interested in sneakers and other clothing lines. Indeed, Marcus Jordan has developed his own clothing line. In every major business decision he has made, Marcus Jordan has sought out the advice of his father, recognizing that his talents in business, much like basketball, could be increased by seeking pointers from his father.

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